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Dillinger Optics was founded on the principles of master craftsmanship and a creative edge for those with a deep appreciation for art and design. Taking style cues from the atomic era and re-imagining them in a twisted timeline for the future. A Premium limited edition collection of deluxe eyewear with a creative edge, hand made for those who appreciate the work of master craftsmen.

Imagine discovering a time capsule of vintage 1950’s eyewear that had never been touched. Premium quality from an era before “disposable” product manufacture. Quality with a weight and feel that is almost impossible to find in the modern world. Built like a 66 fastback or an air cooled 911, Dillingers needed to be a cut above the ocean of generic products on the market. Something authentic and unique. Limited editions with a quality of design and manufacture that transformed simple eyewear into collectable artwork.

This focus led to a journey of global discovery on manufacture, components and design in the optics industry. After extensive research and prototyping across the globe the ultimate decision was to partner with a manufacturer in Japan. A partnership that came with a rich heritage of optical manufacture that dates back nearly a century. Your Dillinger Optics are hand made in Sabae City, known around the world as “The City of Glasses”. For those in the know, “Made in Sabae” is an absolute guarantee of quality. Simply put this is the authentic home of the worlds leading eyewear manufacture.